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Linda Misiura was born in Scranton, PA (yes, where The Office is filmed). After growing up in the delightfully named Hop Bottom, a town of 1 stop light and home to a renowned sheep herding competition, she moved to Allentown (and they’re closing all the factories down…) to pursue a degree in English and Communication at Cedar Crest College, an all women’s college.

There she fell in love with learning and the idea that anything is possible, as well as with her inspiring professors. She served as the Managing & Photo editor of the college newspaper, The Crestiad, and also the Features editor. She was the president of the literary club Preterite, vice president of the English National Honor Society, Secretary of the National Communication Honor Society, and winner of the prestigious Crest Award.

After graduating with top honors, Linda moved South to discover what the cuisine down here is really like. Since then, she has worked for the top rated La Therapie SPA AT PRESON, helping the owner, Nina Milano to market the spa, and for two brokers at the independent Terra Nova Global Properties, a Real Estate firm in downtown Carrboro, a town which has stolen her heart. Collard greens (though admittedly not cooked “southern style”) have become a mainstay in her life.

Currently, Linda is pursuing an MA in Interactive Media with 37 bright pioneers at Elon University in Elon, NC.

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