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It’s Called Accountability.

March 6, 2010

You’re being watched. Did you know?

Anytime you’re online, chances are someone is watching you. Maybe not you directly, maybe just tracking your ISP, but still: your every move is being recorded. Somewhere in your nebulous future, if someone wants to know what you’re doing this very minute and you happen to be online, your whereabouts in terms of net-visiting will be able to be tracked. That someone will know where you were on March 6, 2010 at 5:24 pm.

Scary, no? Or is it?

In my head, the second question sounded very much like bad film voiceover, or maybe from an informercial, full of dark overtones and reverberating unbearably, so for that I do truly apologise. But, really, is it all that scary? The Internet is supposed to provide transparency for businesses and corporations. How can we expect them to expose their innards when we want to hide our own every move?

We need to step up and come to terms with this all-access view of life. Yes, we should have the freedom of privacy in our own homes, but does that right extend to the Internet? I don’t think so. The Internet is a public forum, a place for ideas and goods to be exchanged and shared. We don’t have reasonable expectation for privacy in an open air market; why should it be any different on the Internet?

We need to learn that we are accountable for our actions on the Internet, even if no one is sitting right next to us to see exactly where we are visiting and what we are saying. Anytime we’re online we contributing to the global conversation, and we need to be respectful of others and accountable to ourselves and our actions.

So, don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t visit places you’re embarrassed for others to know about, and don’t talk crap about your boss or your job, unless you’re willing to be held accountable. Typing on the Internet is just as good as getting on the soapbox in the town square, maybe more so these days.

People are going to hear you. So only say what you want others to hear.

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