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Using Visuals Instead of Words

October 26, 2009

My research paper is coming along nicely. For today’s post, I thought I’d share with you all the very best part of my day, creating this lovely chart about things that are important to consider when creating an infographic. The original information came from a really handy piece put together in 2005 by Venjatesh Rajamanickam as part of a course called Information Graphics.

I’m going to tell you in sentence form the things you should think about including, and then, instead of scratching your head and trying to figure it all out, you can have a gander at the chart I put together that explains things a little more cohesively, or so I’d like to think.

According to Mr. Rajamanickan, an infographic must address what type of information is trying to be communicated (spatial, chronological, or quantitative), develop a metaphor or organizing structure that is cohesive (through diagrams, maps, and charts) and must be presented in the appropriate medium in consideration to the audience (static, motion, or interactive). The replica of Rajamanickam’s diagram on the next page organizes this information with consideration to the three goals of infographics, with added information, that I hope will help any one of you attempting to create any sort of visual graphic from data you’ve gathered for your research papers.


Good night… and good luck!

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