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Hello, Friday!

October 23, 2009

cloudsI like to shop more than I would like to admit and most certainly more than my budget allows me at the moment. Not only do clothes affect the way that others treat you, for me, at least, they have a profound effect on my mood on any given day.

Could you hold for a moment? Thanks… can you tell that I don’t really feel like blogging today? I don’t. I have a great topic lined up, a mix between our speaker from this morning, Elon alum Travis Lusk, who taught me more about web analytics in 60 minutes than I ever could have hoped to teach myself. And then I was going to tell you about this fabulous article in The Chronicle for Higher Education, about how Project Runway should be required watching for every graduate student (that’s where I was going with the appearance bit above.)

But I don’t feel like it. It’s Friday, I just finished a semi-grueling midterm, and I am looking forward to a few sleepless nights coming up here quickly as I work my little tail off to write a research paper on the future of infographics.

So instead, go check out the Project Runway article yourself (Thanks, Kim!) and then check out this one too, about cleavage and interviews in the New York Times.

I know, I know… I’m such a slacker. But really! The clouds are fabulous today and we should all be outside enjoying them.

So go! Now! Enjoy! Happy weekend, everyone…

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