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A Little Bit of This…

October 9, 2009


…a little bit of that. That’s where this post is going this Friday, in the spirit of Face 2 Face Friday.

Let’s start with my discovery this morning that the NPR news blog has the Very Same Name as my blog. I’m not sure how I can still call myself an NPR addict; clearly, I’ve not been paying attention. Also, where are all my NPR-loving friends out there?! Why hadn’t they informed me of my Gigantic Mistake? I’m now taking suggestions for new blog names, and holding all my NPR friends accountable for suggestions.

Next: in the search for a book earlier this week, I stumbled upon a fantastic design site of which I had not previously heard: SpoonGraphics! I love it not only because it is British, but also because it provided me with my Face 2 Face topic this week: 10 Online Portfolio Solutions. My favorite options are below, but you can link to the rest here.

Krop: for it’s super clean and classy interface.

Build your own! Chris Spooner offers up a totally do-able tutorial for how to create your very own site with character.

And, from my current neighbor Melissa (check her blog out here!) My Art Space, which also allows you to upload music for a truly customized portfolio experience.

(I also discovered a city named Spooner in Wisconsin. I heart random searches that provide me with random knowledge.)

Anyway… I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. And! Be on the lookout for an interactive blog idea next week…I’ll be emailing details on Monday!

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