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Flick and Swish and Gathering the Future

September 25, 2009

Screen shot 2009-09-25 at 1.20.30 PM

Before I give you all some links to some very cool up-and-coming technology, I have a confession to make:

I am a Harry Potter addict. I’m willing to admit to you all right now that I’ve read the first 6 books about 7 times each, and Book 7? Well, only a measly three times, but I did pre-order it months in advance and have it in my hands the very morning it was released.

Please, don’t judge. As a former English major, I also enjoy writers that can be said to have more literary value as well.

Anyway, because of this said mini-obsession (which could perhaps be more accurately described as a historic obsession, as my copies of HP have been sitting on the shelf, untouched, for a few years…) I love the idea of owning my own wand. And The Wand Company makes it completely possible! You can purchase your very own Kymera Magic Wand that you can program to control your devices with a flick and a swish of your hand. Totally better than a remote control, no?

Okay, on to a few other highlights in the world of the Web:

You can make your very own interactive timelines here with a service called Dipity. It would be fantastic for school projects, group projects or maybe even a really intense form of scheduling.

This new service allows for learning on the go. iMinds is chockful of education podcasts that you can purchase and download for on the go listening. Learn about the Magna Carta on the way to work, about the Bay of Pigs invasion over lunch, and about the Lehman Brothers on your way home. You can download individual podcasts or a series of miscellaneous ones to brush up on your conversation skills.

Looking for an in at a company or just a quick $100? Head over to GrouperEye and submit a proposal and you might be looking at some cash and your next job…

Here, you can keep track of the future of music! No more keeping you own list of CD releases and upcoming concerts, the iCalConcert app will do it all for you. It’s kind of like gathering the future, right?

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